Denys Kalachevskyi about the table tennis development in Ukraine

Denys Kalachevskyi is a champion of Ukraine, ex-player of the Ukrainian national team, master of sports and open tournaments Setka Cup Open organizer, gave an interview to the newspaper “Segodnya”. He talked about the problems and prospects of table tennis in Ukraine.  

– To what extent is table tennis in Ukraine developed in comparison with Europe and Asia?

-Table tennis in Ukraine is on the verge of survival as a sport. 

– What about children’s tennis?

-Regarding children’s sports, it is based either on the wishes of the parents or on children who simply accidentally fall into our species. Unfortunately, the Government isn’t handling it this time.

What does it take to raise an Olympic champion?

– First of all, you need to set realistic goals. Unfortunately, the Olympic table tennis champion cannot be brought up in our country. But it’s more than real to create an opportunity and open a room for classes in every city, new locations for table tennis. And this will already be a good starting point for the above goal.

What are the most obvious signs that the child should do table tennis?

– The inclinations and abilities of table tennis are not easy to see. At least a couple of years must observe the child, guide him, but also not interfere with the manifestation of his talents for any style of play. But if in general, these indicators include: good coordination, concentration, patience. This is what will help you progress quickly in table tennis.

– Is there a difference between teaching children and adults?

– The process is different. The child needs to first instil a love for sports in general, and explain that discipline and diligence is an integral part of success and goal achievement. As for adults, this is more of a hobby, a favourite pastime for them. Based on this, we are talking about a completely different approach. It consists of the need to simply teach a person to enjoy the process of training or competition, participation in tournaments.

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