Setka Cup revives interest in table tennis in Ukraine

Ukrainian professional table tennis players take an active part in international competitions. Six tennis players represented the country at the WTT Contender and WTT Star Contender tournaments, which were held in Doha (Qatar). Two athletes entered the TOP-16 players of the WTT Contender. 

The general popularity of table tennis is proved by the fact that the discipline entered the top 10 most popular sports in the world. If the Olympic Games in Tokyo take place this summer, the discipline will be included in the list of 33 sports. 

However, players from European countries (Ukraine, including) take a back seat to athletes from China. The country has won 28 of the 32 gold medals for the entire Olympic Games period since 1988. It was in this year that table tennis was officially recognized as an Olympic discipline. South Korea was ranked second in terms of table tennis awards (three medals). Sweden took third place with one medal.


The representative of the largest Ukrainian platform for the development of table tennis in Ukraine Setka Cup Denis Kalachevsky, calls the discipline an excellent solution during the period of the temporary closure of gyms and fitness centres. For example, a tennis table will take up little room in office space.  

The Setka Cup platform is both a platform for the development of the game and professional league organizing tournaments. At the same time, the platform provides regular streaming of the competition, owing to its own YouTube channel. This is the first media resource in Ukraine that covers table tennis games online exclusively. Besides, the platform has a Setka Cup TV channel, where fans of the discipline get access to the best moments of the competition, various reviews and interviews with players. At the moment, the monthly number of views has stopped at more than 250 thousand. It should be added that viewers from other countries experience an interest in the content. The platform team decided to add subtitles in English to make the video comfortable for foreign audiences to watch.


The Setka Cup pays maximum attention to the health and safety of athletes, therefore the competitions are held according to the quarantine requirements. There are only two opponents and a referee in the room during the tournament. Each athlete undergoes a health check before the start of the game. Besides, athletes follow training and rest regimen. The training complexes of the platform are equipped by international standards: there are high-quality ventilation and air conditioning systems, light supplies. 

The platform has opened three locations in Ukraine, including a total of eight gaming and three warm-up halls. Locations work in Kyiv, Dnipro and Lviv. The arena in Lviv has the largest size among all locations, which allows the platform to hold competitions of any level.

The organization’s community includes 550 active and rated players, as well as more than 5,000 fans of the game. The platform holds non-commercial tournaments — Setka Cup OPEN. Young players who are not deprived of attention by the organization can also take part in the competition.

Denis Kalachevsky emphasizes that in small towns, parents often do not have the opportunity to bring their children to the table tennis section, due to insufficient conditions. However, the current situation is changing owing to the work of the Setka Cup on infrastructure development. The discipline is again arousing increased interest among audiences of all ages. Denis Kalachevsky notes that Setka Cup provides support at all levels — professional, coaching and personal.