Setka Cup opens its first location in the EU

Ukraine’s largest platform for table tennis development, the Setka Cup, has launched an international location. The first arena on the European Union (EU) territory began to operate in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Thus, the international platform Setka Cup increased the number of table tennis arenas to 12. The total area of arenas in Prague, Kyiv, Dnipro, and Lviv is 3,487 sq. meters. 

The location in Prague will hold 4 table tennis tournaments every day. The participants of tournaments are local players. The room’s infrastructure meets the up-to-date European standards. Tournament organizers comply with local quarantine measures.

“We constantly get inquiries from foreign sports communities about the Setka Cup brand’s presence in other countries. We’ve chosen the Czech Republic to start with because of the local table tennis community’s considerable interest. Still, we plan to continue to develop our platform on an international level”, Setka Cup tournaments organizers said.

Setka Cup organizers added, “The health of Setka Cup tournament players is our responsibility. We set up special rules for our players: our athletes don’t play more than three days in a row and can’t participate in more than one tournament per day. And, of course, we comply with quarantine measures. The launch of a location in Europe is a significant step for the Setka Cup. It’s a new level, an increase in the number of arenas, more table tennis players. Also, it brings new opportunities for players, their professional development and experience sharing.”

Setka Cup is an international sports platform. Since 2018 Setka Cup organizes open non-commercial and commercial tournaments and supports tennis and table tennis development. 

The platform created unique media channels, including Setka Cup TV, that cover sporting and educational events of table tennis. Setka Cup tournaments are famous in 150 countries.