Setka Cup: new location opening in Lviv

Setka Cup, the largest platform for the development of table tennis in Ukraine, has opened a new tennis location in Lviv. Now all platform’s rooms located in Kyiv, Dnipro and Lviv have a total area of ​​2,730 sq. meters.

There are two areas inside the Lviv location — “London” and “Beijing”. The area of ​​the Beijing hall, which is 8×16 meters, is today the largest among all the Setka Cup rooms. This will allow the platform to hold tournaments of all levels.

Thanks to the new location, the platform’s tournament organizers will be able to actively expand and develop the table tennis community, which currently numbers more than 5,000 athletes, amateur players, and fans of this sport. Also, it is an opportunity to organize more games for players of different professional levels and ages.

The modern lighting, ventilation and air conditioning system allows the rooms to meet European standards and create comfortable conditions for athletes.

The orientation of the Setka Cup to international practice will give Ukrainian tennis players, who often play in Western European clubs, relevant and modern opportunities for development in Ukraine.

About the platform: Setka Cup is a professional league and the largest platform for the development of table tennis in Ukraine, which has existed since 2018 and organizes non-commercial and commercial tournaments in online and offline formats.

For 3 years already, Setka Cup has been promoting and making table tennis available for athletes of different levels and fans, as well as improving the professional qualifications of players, coaches and referees.

The platform has created unique media that allows you to cover current sports and educational table tennis events and broadcast tournaments. Every month the media gets over 300,000 views.