Setka Cup and European norms and practices in Ukrainian table tennis

Table tennis is included in the TOP-10 of the most popular sports in the world and has great potential in Ukraine. Well, unfortunately, statistics suggest the opposite. Only one person in 15 thousand of 42 million plays table tennis in our country. Let’s compare with France: 67 million people in the country and every 600th plays.

This kind of sport is rarely elected in our country, although it is affordable, and the equipment can be selected for any person in any price range. There are many reasons for it: an insufficient number of gyms, lack of modern and working infrastructure, lack of attention to sports in the regions, and a small number of coaches. This hurts the sport’s popularity. When parents don’t wish their children to attend sports classes in unpromising directions, the situation is even worse.


Anyway, Ukraine is moving up. Currently, organizations are working to change outdated realities to new international experience. Among such organizations, Ukraine’s largest platform for table tennis development, Setka Cup. 

In addition to holding tournaments of various types, platform participants also organize relevant educational events, which are covered in unique sports media. These media consolidate athletes and those who are simply interested in the state of Ukrainian table tennis.


Previously, sports clubs did not have the opportunity to play in the best gyms; usually, the games took place in the sports premises of schools, which are not particularly comfortable. The conditions of the halls greatly influence the athletes’ desire to play. The Setka Cup team decided to change the infrastructure.

The platform has locations in three cities of Ukraine — Kyiv, Dnipro and Lviv, and in these rooms, the infrastructure meets European standards for lighting, ventilation and air conditioning. Also, all locations have separate rooms for training and relaxation. The total area of ​​all platform halls today is 2730 square meters.


Table tennis tournaments in Setka Cup during a pandemic are held exclusively in compliance with quarantine regulations. First, temperature and other health indicators are checked daily for each athlete. Secondly, only three people are present in the room at the same time: two players and a referee, and the area of ​​the rooms more than meets the standards. As a plus, no one, except the athletes themselves, affects the game.


According to European regulations, the schedules of each athlete’s play are limited. Setka Cup players do not participate in more than 1 tournament per day, and cannot play for more than 3 days in a row. This helps control the athlete’s physical and emotional fatigue.


The community influences the development of sports in European countries. Athletes and fans create organizations and projects that help popularize table tennis. Setka Cup has created a unique media in Ukraine that broadcasts live matches and talks about current sports and educational sports events. Media content is published not only in Ukrainian and Russian but also in English. Media is constantly expanding and uniting the community, which numbers 5000+ people.