Setka Cup — is the international platform for table tennis, tennis and beach volleyball development which includes:

  • daily 24/7 commercial tennis, table tennis and beach volleyball tournaments for athletes of various levels and ages;
  • open non-commercial team tournaments Setka Cup Open;
  • Setka Cup TV channel covering interesting events and best moments of games;
  • educational online and offline programs curated by champions and honoured coaches of Ukraine.


Setka Cup creates comfortable conditions at table tennis, tennis and beach volleyball tournaments. The matches are held in 13 modern arenas equipped in compliance with international standards. All players have access to rec rooms and are provided with balanced meals.

That's why top Ukrainian athletes, who are in demand in Western European clubs, choose Setka Cup tournaments. Among them: Oleksii Rybka, Valeriya Stepanovska, Iryna Motsyk, and others.



The international sports platform Setka Cup has estimated that in Q3 2021, the total number of table tennis, tennis, and beach volleyball matches increased by 15% compared to Q1 2021 (25,454 vs 22,131 matches played). Table tennis gains traction  Between July and September 2021, the total number of table tennis, tennis, and beach volleyball matches […]

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Head of tournament development about support for athletes and fair play

Valerii Ozarenko, Head of Tournament Development at the Setka Cup, shared his view special for the Sports Integrity Initiative to explain how the Setka Cup team works with the internal sports community and prevents match-fixing. Mr. Ozarenko is a former table tennis player and a well-known member of the Ukrainian sports community. Together with the […]

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Interview with the trainer of the medalists of the European Championship among cadets

The last European Youth Championship held in Croatia has become historic for the Ukrainian national team. Our athletes won four medals, and it is the best achievement of Ukraine over the past 20 years. Setka Cup TV, a channel about table tennis and other tournaments of the international sports platform Setka Cup, interviewed Alexander Minin, […]

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1st half of 2021: Setka Cup has doubled its matсhes

The international sports platform Setka Cup has summed up the interim results of 2021. The total number of Setka Cup’s matches of the first half of 2021 has doubled compared to the same period in the previous year. The opening of new sports locations and the launch of new disciplines were the main reasons for […]

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Setka Cup and Prague Table Tennis Association have become partners

Setka Cup, the international sports platform for table tennis development, and the Prague Table Tennis Association in the Czech Republic have signed an agreement of mutual support. It implies that Setka Cup’s daily table tennis tournaments receive official recognition and support in the EU. The parties agreed to work together to organize sports and educational […]

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Setka Cup launches beach volleyball tournaments in Kyiv

The Setka Cup platform has launched the first format of daily fast beach volleyball tournaments in Kyiv. All matches are played on professional indoor sports grounds at X-Park and live streamed on the platform’s YouTube channel. The organizer of tournaments is the NGO “Kyiv Volleyball Federation”, which holds competitions of different levels and with players […]

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